48053 – Puppita

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2 years
50 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 10/26
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Why choose me?

Puppita is a beautiful girl, in tiptop-looking shape with soft, gleaming fur and gentle brown eyes. She can turn a pleading look on you that will melt your heart, and if you’re not careful, convince you to give her too many treats and turn her from a beauty to a fatty 😉 Puppita is also young and athletic, and would make a great jogging partner! She has very nice manners, and will stop on a dime and sit for a treat. She also takes them very gently. When we had her out in the interaction pen she spent most of her time with her nose to the ground investigating, and greeting dogs in the adjoining pens nicely through the fence, but if we stopped her for a pet, she’d give up everything for a nice butt scratch, wiggling and turning herself into a happy pretzel.