47989 – Harry

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1 year
15 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 10/16
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Why choose me?

I don’t know when Harry met Sally, but they’re buddies and are presently sharing a kennel. It could be that they met while they were wandering or possibly they share the same home. Either way, they like being together and where one would go in the interaction pen, the other would follow. Harry and Sally also really like treats and were very good about waiting their turn and not trying to take the other’s. Harry will sit for his, but Sally sits when she’s ready. That’s fine because both have good temperaments and are sweet and easy going. They enjoyed pets, treats, and lounging together in the grass. Sally was great on a leash, but Harry seems to be new to them so I carried him. I enjoyed my time with these two buddies–it’s nice to see two dogs who are so different, especially in size, do so well together!