47986 – Jase

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2 years
45 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 10/15
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Why choose me?

Jase is a handsome boy with a smile that lights up his face. He was happy to meet a new friend, but he wasn’t too sure about other dogs barking at him as we walked past the kennels. Once we were in an interaction pen, he began to feel a little easier about things. Cash and Carrie were in the adjoining pen, and Jase saw that they just wanted to play or get my attention so I’d slip them some treats through the fence. Jase decided he liked treats, too, and didn’t mind waiting for his turn. Jase is a sweet boy, and while he wasn’t interested in playing with toys today, he did like staying close and being petted. He also liked sitting or hopping up on the table for more treats. Come spend some time with Jase and see if he’s the new friend you’ve been looking for!