48201 – Big E

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3 years
Male – neutered!
65 pounds
Heartworm treatment in process!
Available as of 11/10
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Update 11/21: Big E is about to embark on a month of crate rest after being treated for heartworms by Colbert Animal Hospital LLC. He’s a great pup–please join us in wishing him well during his recovery!

Update 11/13: Big E was adopted and returned because two unneutered male dogs in the home wouldn’t accept him. While that makes us sad, it’s still a pleasure to see the fella again! When I saw him on Sunday the staff had put him in an interaction pen with Tic Tac and they couldn’t have been cuter together. Tic Tac is about half his size and adores him like a big brother – she followed him everywhere and playfully jumped on his back to inspire him to romp with her. It worked every time! What a wonderful adopted pair they would make! Of course they don’t have to be adopted together, but just sayin…..

Update 11/2: Big E is kid-approved! He, Pete, Kesha, and Didi visited Ms. Thompson’s 3rd grade class at Barrow Elementary and were a big hit. Afterwards, back at Animal Control, they enjoyed group playtime and had a blast. It was great seeing them with children and then playing and having fun together! (NOTE: While some of the dogs have playmates, shelter rules require that dogs only interact directly if a staff member is present.)

Update 10/27: We’ve always known that Big E is a wonderful, easy-going dog, and now we know he’s good with kids. A visitor and his four year old were with Big E in an interaction pen, and he was super! They had a great time playing, and it was like Big E knew just how to be around kids.

Big E is also good with other dogs. He and Tic-Tac were instant besties after being introduced. He’s such a great guy that he can also play with Kesha (though the girls can’t play together). They can only play together if a staff member is present but, if things are quiet around the shelter while you are visiting, you can ask if it’s a good time for a play date!

Update 10/13:  Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Big E is now neutered and up-to-date on his basic vaccinations! He’s available for adoption as well as rescue!

Update 10/8: Unfortunately, Big E has tested positive for heartworms. He will only be available for rescue (not adoption) until he is neutered.

Big E is a sweet, easy-going fellow. When I stopped at his gate, he gave me a big grin and tail wag. Being 66 pounds, I had to wonder if he was going to pull me all the way to the interaction pen, but at least for today, that wasn’t the case. Big E seems to take his time in all that he does. Even when I let him off the leash, he just took a stroll around the pen still wagging his tail and pausing to greet Jada who was in the pen next to us. I’d stop Big E as he wandered about and give him some pets and head scratches which he seemed to enjoy. I even managed to get him to join me on the picnic table. Hefting himself up took a little doing, but he got there and liked lazing in the sun being petted. Big E is a nice dog who seems to go with the flow. After a day filled with energetic dogs, it was good to end it with easy-going Big E.

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