47955 – Sassy

4-6 months
25 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 10/8
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Why choose me?

Sassy is a little shy inside her kennel and sometimes hides beneath her bed, but if you can get her to come out and join you in an interaction pen, her personality comes out and shy would be the last word you’d use to describe her. She’s happy, playful, and even a little sassy! She had fun chasing a stuffed ball, sitting for treats, and hopping into my lap to be loved on. She also made up her own game where she’d hide under the picnic table and then pop her head out for a treat. I was trying to take her picture, but she decided it was more fun being under the table and liked teasing me. I’d hold up a treat, and she’d pop out just enough to grab her treat before ducking back into the shade. That’s when I started calling her Sassy. She was so cute. Sassy is a great pup who’s full of fun and kisses. Come play with her, and she’ll brighten your day!