47953 – Charity

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3 years
38 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 10/1
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Update 10/4: We have introduced Charity to a few dogs now and, while she trembles and is slow to voluntarily interact, she allows them to sniff her. She would do great with a friendly but low-key dog to help her understand that dogs and life can be wonderful! She’s a really sweet girl but needs things to go slowly to help her feel comfortable or she tries to hide.

Life hasn’t been kind to Charity. She’s been overbred, is so thin that you can see her ribs, and has had her teeth filed down. She’s also heartworm positive. She definitely has not been well cared for. Still, when I stopped at Charity’s gate, she walked out to meet me and was as sweet as she could be. She stayed close to me wanting treats and love. It would be nice if one day Charity could live in a home where she is properly cared for and loved. Hopefully, she’ll be treated for her heartworms, but since she’s heartworm positive and not spayed, Charity is only available to rescues. Although she’s not available for adoption, she can still spend time with visitors and volunteers. I know she’d like that.

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