47921, 47922, 48014 – Sioux, Iroquois & Navajo

5 Weeks
Females (47921, 48014) & Male (47922)
FIV- & FeLV-
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Update 1/9/18 – Iroquois was adopted today, so Navajo is the only remaining kitten in the litter here at the shelter.  When I visited her today (on 1/11), she seemed a bit lonely, as you’d expect from a kitten who had always shared a kennel with at least one sibling, but now finds herself alone.  Regardless, Navajo enjoyed the attention and time that we spent together.  She’s such a gentle kitten, who really has the cutest mannerisms, so we hope you’ll consider adopting Navajo (and maybe even another kitten playmate for her) into your home very soon!

Update 12/8/17 – Sioux was adopted today, but Iroquois & Navajo are still looking for homes of their own. Why don’t you stop by and meet them this weekend?

These lovely kittens are named after Native American tribes.  Though the litter has been at the shelter since early October, they have only recently moved into the front of the shelter, as they were way too tiny to be adopted before.  Their other sibling, Chippewa, has already found his furrever home.  As of 11/23, Sioux (buff tabby female) and Navajo (black female) are still under the two pound weight they need in order to be adopted.  However, they are eating and growing, so we can bet that they will be above the 2 pound threshold quite soon.  Iroquois is the buff tabby male, who is a bit larger, so you can take him home today. You’ll notice that Iroquois is the most outgoing of the three siblings.  He will greet you right at the front of the kennel, without hesitation.  Sioux and Navajo tend to hang back a bit, behind their brother… and make some really cute, curious facial expressions!   We are sure that the sisters will become more confident after they get used to the new sights and sounds here in their new kennel at the front of the shelter.  Come meet these sweet babies for some cuddly kitten cuteness —  we’re sure you’ll fall in love with all three of them!