47909, 48035 – Chucky & Freddy

Born ~8/15 (47909), Born ~9/7 (48035)
DSH: Orange Tabby (47909), Grey/Brown Tabby on White (48035)
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Chucky & Freddy – our Halloween kittens – are about as adorable as they could be! Chucky (the orange tabby) is already large enough to be adopted, but Freddy is still a little small and needs to put on a little more weight before he can be eligible for adoption. All kittens have to be at least 2 lbs before they can be spayed/neutered and adopted into a home. Chucky is still a little shy, but both are curious and inquisitive. Remember that while they can be adopted together, the most important thing is for them to find homes of their own, so don’t hesitate to adopt just one of them if you only have room for one new addition to your family. But two kittens are better than one! 😉