47896, 47828 – Rogue & Rebel

Born ~8/19 (47896), Born ~8/12 (47828)
Female (47896), Male (47828)
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 9/25/17
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Why choose me?

These kittens have had a tough start to life. Both arrived at the shelter quite small and needed a lot of care to help them through their first weeks. Rogue had a sibling that unfortunately did not make it, which left her all by herself, so staff moved Rebel and Rogue in together so that they would be less scared and would have a companion. Having a buddy really does make almost everything easier to cope with. Ever since, they’ve been doing great. Rogue is a little shy now that she’s up front in the main cat room with all of the other kitties. She was not very shy the last time I saw her in the back, so I think she’s just taking some time to adjust to all of the new sounds and smells in the main room. Rebel, on the other hand, acts as if nothing phases him at all. He’s the cutest thing going with his black hair tipped with white on his feet, but he’s hard to photograph because he doesn’t understand the concept of sitting still. But take our word for it, both of these kittens are fantastic and would love to go home with you either together or separately. Please stop by and meet them soon!