47830 – Natalia

Why choose me?

Natalia came to the shelter as a stray, who was found outside of the local Lowe’s Hardware store.  But this kitten is certainly not destined to live on the streets, nor foraging in the dumpster behind the hardware store.  She’s got the sweetest little “stump”-tail.  We aren’t sure whether she’s part bob-tail, or if something happened to the end of her tail.  In any case, it’s healed up and such a cute trait.  Natalia’s also got the softest medium-to-longhair coat of fur, and a “purrsonality” of gold.  She’s super happy and friendly, and seems to like the cats in the neighboring kennels. Even as a new arrival at the shelter, she’s relaxed and not afraid of a thing. We are certain that she will make an easy transition into her furever home with you today!