47825, 47826 – Peggy & Luanne

1 Year (47825) & 3 Months (47826)
Females – both spayed!
DLH (47825) & DSH/Russian Blue-Mix (47826)
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 9/25/17
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12/4/2017 Update:  Well, surprise: Hank, the little gray kitten, turned out to be a girl!  Since there’s another Hank at the shelter (from the Country Music litter), we’ve renamed her Luanne (after characters in the King of the Hill TV series).  Mom, Peggy, is doing great, and feeling much more relaxed recently.  Luanne is still a bit timid, but she will come around just fine.  We can tell she’s going to grow up to be a gorgeous lady!

Peggy came to the shelter with her kitten, Hank, after they had previously been living on the streets.  It must have been difficult to protect and provide for her baby out there, but Peggy has been a really doting mom, who deserves a warm, relaxing home of her own, now that Hank is weaned… although we are sure she wouldn’t mind if you’d adopt both of them together!  Hank is currently working on his social skills… you see, the shelter can be a scary place, with all of the other (much larger) animals, and lots of clamor and new smells.  It’s understandable that he’s a bit tentative, but we can see that Hank really wants human love and affection. He just needs some patience and love.

We’d like to mention that Peggy is not too fond of certain other cats.  She does fine with some, but really dislikes others… I can imagine this is due to having to fend for Hank and herself while on the streets.  Occasionally, the presence of other cats can cause her to become over-stimulated, resulting in some hissing.  However, she does just great while sharing a kennel with Hank, and tends to relax after settling in for a few days.  Since she and Hank have just now moved to the front of the house, we think her mood will improve with just a bit of time…. But we know for certain that the ultimate solution is for Peggy and Hank to move into their furever home(s)!  Both will be much happier once they can leave the shelter environment.  You can be Peggy and Hank’s true hero, simply by adopting them!  Our experience with cats like these, is that they will be forever grateful, showing love and affection once settled into a relaxing home.