47822 – Gwyneth

Why choose me?

At only 4 weeks old, Gwyneth was found wandering outside, all by herself.  Kittens this young don’t usually make it, while all alone and outdoors.  Luckily, Gwyneth was scooped right up, before anything bad could happen to her.  While the shelter is not an ideal place to be for any animal, she now has an opportunity to find a loving home of her own.  Gwyneth is friendly, curious, and has the cutest little kitten facial expressions.  She’s got a ticked tabby coat of fur, and a very unique bobtail!  Most kittens that were born this year are now quite a bit older than she is – so Gwyneth is one of our youngest at the shelter.  You could even say that she arrived at the very “tail-end” of kitten season.  Gwyneth is great choice if you’re looking for a young kitten, who will easily transition into your home, and who will also love you forever!