47816 – Geoffrey

3 Months
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

This curious little kitten is new to the shelter, but he’s absolutely fearless! Geoffrey loves to explore, and wants nothing more than to interact with other kittens and cats.  In fact, when I met him, he was already making friends with a much larger cat, who resides in the neighboring kennel (Starla – she’s 6 months, Ledger #47608).  Geoffrey gets along with any other cat who is friendly towards him.  We can tell that he will do well in most home, including one with children, other cats, and even dogs (who are ok with cats, of course).  Geoffrey is open to new experiences, and loves to be involved in activities. There’s never a dull moment for this little man.  All he needs now, is a place to call home, where he can run and play!  As we’ve observed, it would be ideal if Geoffrey has a playmate (or two) in his new home, because he is sad when he’s alone with nothing going on.  The best thing is that you can easily adopt Geoffrey and a playmate at the same time here at the shelter!  Stop by today to meet him, and all the rest of this amazing group of cats and kittens.