47787 – Cora

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2 years
37 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 9/8
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Why choose me?

Poor Cora looks like she has had a rough life. She was nervous when I opened her kennel but allowed me to leash her and go for a walk. She may be housebroken because her kennel was clean and the first thing she did when we got to the grass was relieve herself.  She was unsure when we first entered the interaction pen, but she quickly realized that she could trust us. She climbed up on to the picnic table to get closer to us. She has the saddest eyes and she looks exhausted but being caressed and loved on melted away her stress. Whatever it is that happened to her it didn’t take away her sweetness. Cora is gentle and demure and enjoys affection. I hung out with her quite a while, and there was a time when she was so comfortable around me she fell asleep in my arms. With some TLC, Cora will make someone an amazing best friend. Her humble spirit made quite an impression on me, and I can’t get this special girl off of my mind. Come meet Cora the most peaceful canine I’ve ever met.