47770 – Cerdo

1 Year
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Update 9/23/17 – Cerdo got a visit from one of our professional photographer volunteers. Isn’t he handsome?!

Cerdo is one BIG BOY!  Yes, his name means “Pig” in Spanish.  He’s one big, funny guy, who must have eaten like a pig to get to his awesome size.  He’s not fat, really, just LARGE! Everyone here loves this big lunk, because he looks kind of scary – due to his size and the scratches on his nose that are now healing. But he’s actually really quite gentle and friendly, and also very handsome! He has unique ‘ticked’ tabby fur (the kind that is characteristic to the Abyssinian breed of cat).

Cerdo hasn’t always been in the best of moods being cooped up in a kennel here at the shelter. I don’t blame him at all – he’s too big to be in such a small space. We are hoping you’ll stop by to meet Cerdo, give him a little time to warm up to you, and then you’ll see his charm!  It’d be great if he could move into a furever home with YOU, very soon.