47766 – Noah

3 Months
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 9/8/2017
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Why choose me?

Noah came to the shelter as a stray, but he’s clearly well-socialized with humans and other cats, so he has likely lived in a home or at least very near people.   Here at the shelter, strays like Noah are on a “stray hold” for a few days, so that an owner has a chance to reclaim the pet, in the case that the pet had gone missing by mistake. More times than not, people dump off unwanted pets, or move away.   Noah’s stray-hold period has now long-expired, so he’s now up for adoption.  In the case of Noah, we noted some (now-healed) scarring toward his backside, and on his tail, indicating that he’d likely been bitten by a dog, or even another cat at some point in the past.  Those wounds are now fully healed, but we recognize that this little guy has lived through some things that he never should have been forced to face.

On a much happier note, Noah holds no grudges, whatsoever.  This little guy is a happy camper, and just wants to play with toys and explore.  What he doesn’t like very much, is to be cooped up in a shelter kennel.  His boisterous “purrsonality”, and need to run and play, became very apparent as I attempted to take his photograph.  The only time he would sit still long enough for a photo, was while he was being held.  Noah is a great little guy, with a mysterious back story.  We’ll never know for sure about his beginnings in life — but one thing is for sure – that he’ll be ecstatic to move into a home of his very own, where he can play like a kitten should!