47761 – Naomi

2 Years
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Naomi wants you to know that the shelter is full of black cats right now – and she’s one of them.  Black cats seem to have a more difficult time finding homes, so Naomi is a bit worried that she will be overlooked.  Sometimes it difficult to see a black cat inside a kennel, especially with the poor lighting.  But did you know that black cats are considered good luck in the UK and Japan, among many other places in the world?  Naomi wants you to adopt her, because she wants to bring you good luck!

About Naomi, she’s got a super-sleek coat of fur, quite like a panther, and is rather relaxed, especially for having recently arrived at the shelter.  To learn more about her personality, simply stop by the shelter for a visit.  You’ll see that Naomi will come right to you, looking for attention.  She loves getting rubs around her face and head.  She likes to look out the window, and was open to sniffing the cats in the neighboring kennels, though she was not exactly “impressed” with them.   When you arrive at the shelter, be sure to open Naomi’s kennel and/or bring her into an open play room, so can fully get to know her.  Please consider adopting a black cat or two from the shelter – and Naomi is a great choice, if you’re looking for a companion who may just be your good luck charm!