47759, 47760 – McGregor & Mayweather

3 Months
DSH.  Black & White Tuxedo (47759) & Black (47760)
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 9/4/17
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Why choose me?

Despite their very “tough”- sounding names, these kittens are not the least bit feisty!  McGregor is the black & white tuxedo guy.  He’s the most outgoing of the two, and isn’t afraid of a single thing.  He likes to spend his time chasing jingle balls… and when I introduced him to a toy mouse, he carried it around in his mouth and made the cutest little growl, as if he was protecting some prey that he had just caught!  Mayweather, who is the sleek solid black kitten, likes to let his brother lead the way, and prefers to observe the action before he decides to participate in it.  With that said, he is easily interested, and tends to join the activities just a short while after his brother does.  He’s the thinker of the two!

These little kittens both need a home of their own, and can be adopted either together or separately.  If you’re lucky enough to catch them napping, you’ll see that they sleep curled up together and have a special brotherly love. They look so sweet, that you’ll likely want to adopt both of them together, which we very highly encourage.  Come meet these sweet “boxing” brothers today!