47738 – Didi

1 year
18 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 9/5
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Update 9/5: Didi is feeling much better about being at the pound. She’s in the puppy room now, and that may have helped her feel more at ease. Today when I walked in to visit with her, Didi stood with her paws on her kennel gate ready to come out. I reached to pet her, and she responded happily. In the interaction pen, Didi welcomed pets and attention. She sat with me on the picnic table and enjoyed watching the other dogs in neighboring pens. I’m glad to see Didi happy and making so much progress!

Didi is a pretty girl who’s new to the pound and frightened. She came in with Pickle, so I waited at her kennel gate with him hoping that she would come out and join us. I was also hoping that seeing her little friend would ease her worries. When Didi saw Pickle, she trotted out from her hiding place, and although she didn’t want to be picked up, she did let us leash her and walked to an interaction pen. Pickle warmed up to us quickly, but Didi wasn’t quite ready. She’d take treats but back away if we tried to pet her. I imagine it won’t be long before Didi is ready to enjoy being held and loved, but for now, she needs some time to trust and feel safe in her new environment.