47704 – Lionel

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3 years
Male – neutered!
55 pounds
Heartworm treatment in process
Available as of 8/18
Advocate: Holly C. & Bridgette R.
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Update 8/24: Lionel received his first immiticide shot to treat his heartworms today; he will receive two more in a month. He will only be available to rescues for the next two months while he recovers. Please wish this sweet boy well during his recovery!

Update 8/20: Lionel was adopted from animal control a week ago and returned because a family member was allergic to him. Poor sweetie – just when we thought his luck had turned. We’ve already written a lot about Lionel below – read it all and you’ll see why he’s a shelter favorite! Lionel will be starting his heartworm treatment soon!

Update 8/7: Lionel is back at the shelter and he looks–and seems to feel–great! His eyes are clear (no more goop), though he will need medicated eye drops to increase his tear production (the drops are not expensive and are easy to give). His hair is growing in and he has a bounce in his step. He met a few cats today and could not have cared less, until one hissed and swatted at him at which point he just wanted to leave. (We can’t guarantee he wouldn’t chase if one ran, but at least he doesn’t seem to have a strong prey drive when they’re contained!)

Update 7/26: Lionel is spending a few days at Firehall 4 Animal Hospital​ so he can get the medical care he needs to look and feel his best. Turns out the poor guy has infections in both eyes as well as dry eye (he’ll need drops on an on-going basis for that, but he’s very patient about it!), and two types of skin infections (neither contagious). He’s getting rave reviews from the vet staff–he’s low key and friendly to all despite obviously being uncomfortable, and he’s polite and nonreactive to the other animals at the clinic. What a good pup! Many thanks to his special sponsor who has covered the cost of his treatments to date.

Update 7/25: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Lionel is now neutered and up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

Update 7/12: Unfortunately, Lionel has tested positive for heartworms.

Update 7/10: Lionel is such a loving mushball – just take a look at his video for proof! He didn’t arrive in the greatest shape – skinny, sores from laying on concrete, bald patches in his fur, and that bad hack job on his ears – but all of that except the ears is temporary, and he couldn’t be better in every other way. So full of kisses and love, and a slave to belly rubs. One of the Animal Control staff said that he was so mellow when she was handing out dinner bowls that she gave him a little temperament test, setting his full food bowl down in front of him, then putting her hand in the bowl. He just wagged his tail. Then she took her hand out and pushed his nose aside when he went to eat, and again, just relaxed tail wagging. And we’re talking about an underfed dog here! Come visit Lionel and feel the magic!

Update 7/6: Lionel has stolen my heart. When I stopped at his kennel gate to take him out, he was standing there smiling and wagging his tail. He was so happy to have a turn in an interaction pen and a chance to be petted and loved. He is such a sweetie! He walked nicely on a leash, was friendly to neighboring dogs, and loved being with me. I definitely want to spend more time with Lionel; he’s so grateful for any attention he gets. Please don’t overlook this dear boy. Give him some love, and he’ll gladly return it many times over.

When I first met Lionel, he was lying on his bed in the back of his kennel. His back was to me, and I could see that he was missing hair along his tail and back. At first, Lionel wasn’t sure if he should come out, but I tossed him a few treats, and he slowly made his way to me. This boy has had a rough life. It looks like someone who didn’t know what they were doing cropped his ears, one of his eyes is runny, and you can count his ribs. With all of this, Lionel was still willing to trust me and walked with me to an interaction pen. There he sat for treats and liked being petted. After I stopped petting him and scratching his head, he stood on his hind legs and gave me a hug. My heart breaks for Lionel, and I hope he’s given a chance for a better life. . . a much better life.

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