47675 – Poppy

**Cat of the Week – Poppy & Ricky Bobby – $25 Adoption Fee for 2!**

Born approx. 6/21
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 8/21/17
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Update 11/22/17 – Poppy is still such a tiny little kitten. She was pretty lonely after her litter-mate was adopted, but now she has a new friend –  Ricky Bobby (Ledger #48163).  They are having a great time together, so “purrhaps” you may want to adopt both of them!

Update 9/17/17 – Puma was adopted! Now Poppy (almost entirely black) just needs to find a home. Although Poppy is by herself, she’s doing very well, and she loves visitors! She’s one of the smallest kittens available for adoption right now at the shelter, so if you’re looking for a tiny tot to take home before the end of kitten season, she’s a great choice!

Puma and Poppy came to the shelter with their mother, Piper, after their previous owner could no longer care for them. Now that these kittens are weaned and big enough to be adopted, they are very excited to find a permanent home! Puma is a brave young lady, who is outgoing, and has the cutest white “bib”. Poppy is a bit more reserved, and likes to relax while Puma checks out the constant shelter action. Poppy is quite exotic, because she has smoke-colored tabby markings mixed in with her mostly black fur. Both of these kittens are ready to have a good time, and we know they’d love to spend it with you!