47671 – Erica

2 years
Female – spayed
FIV- & FeLV-
Rescued – Thanks Circle of Friends!

Why choose me?

Erica is a phenomenal cat whose had a tough go of it in life so far. She came to the shelter with two tiny kittens of her own who were barely a week or two old at most. But then three bottle baby kittens showed up at the shelter in desperate need of care. Erica took to them instantly and adopted them into her little family and cared for them as her own. Unfortunately, Erica’s health started to suffer desperately, and the shelter learned that she was suffering from pyometra. To save her life, she had to be spayed while she was still nursing all five kittens. This, unfortunately, led to her kittens needing to find another home. Thankfully, they were able to go to a rescue home with a foster parent who could handle bottle babies, but we were definitely sad to see Erica parted from her growing family.

But the good news is that Erica is now healed up from the pyometra and ready to find an adoptive home of her own. Her only lingering health problem is a slight squint in her left eye, which was infected when she first came in. It’s improved greatly though in her time at the shelter and should continue to improve. Both of her eyes are a beautiful light green, and her dilute coloring is very pretty. We know this lady has had a very hard time in life recently, but her sunny personality and friendly nature always shines through. Could you give this lovely lady the home that she deserves?