47653 – Sherman

3 years
Male – neutered
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

The first thing you’ll notice about Sherman is how BIG he is! He is the largest cat that I’ve seen at the shelter in at least the past 2 years. At a whopping 17.5 lbs, he’s larger than a lot of the small dogs! What’s most surprising is that a lot of his weight is honestly just his frame. He could certainly stand to lose a few pounds, but unlike some of the extremely obese cats we’ve had at the shelter in the past, Sherman wears his weight well and will clearly always be a larger cat.

Sherman came to us from an apartment complex where he’d basically been living as a neighborhood cat. Turns out, he’s actually already neutered and microchipped, so we suspect that someone just left him when they moved out. We haven’t been able to get in touch with the person he’s registered to, so now Sherman needs a new permanent home of his own. Sherman has a pretty neat personality. He can be very loving and sweet, but he also has an independent and curious streak. He likes to be able to explore, and we know he hates being stuck in a kennel all day. Even our large kennels seem pretty small with Sherman in them. Shelter staff have fallen in love with Sherman, and we know you will too. Why don’t you stop by and meet him for yourself today?