47487 – Pete

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4 years
Male – neutered
49 pounds
Heartworm negative
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Update 11/2: Pete is kid-approved! He, Big E, Kesha, and Didi visited Ms. Thompson’s 3rd grade class at Barrow Elementary and were a big hit. Afterwards, back at Animal Control, they enjoyed group playtime and had a blast. It was great seeing them with children and then playing and having fun together! (NOTE: While some of the dogs have playmates, shelter rules require that dogs only interact directly if a staff member is present.)

Update 10/15: Come see Pete today at Boo-le-Bark on the Boulevard 2017! He’ll be walking in the parade then hanging out at the Canine Carnival afterwards.

Update 9/18: I want to brag on Pete today. Another volunteer was working with him using a Gentle Leader and demonstrated the skills that Pete had learned in just a short amount of time. Pete walked perfectly with the Gentle Leader never pulling and by his volunteer’s side. When the volunteer stopped, Pete stopped and then looked up at him waiting for instructions (see first picture). I’ve always known that Pete is a smart dog, and he really showed that today. He was impressive! Way to go Pete!

Update 9/1: Pete’s former playmate, Arthur, was adopted, but now he has a new one–Jean! They can only play together if a staff member is present but, if things are quiet around the shelter while you are visiting, you can ask if it’s a good time for a play date!

Update 7/27: While being heartworm tested (he’s NEGATIVE), we worked with Pete with some basic commands. He already pretty well knew how to sit, but he learned how to “focus” in about 60 seconds! The focus command is one in which you’re asking the dog to make eye contact with you. This is a great skill to teach your dog, as it teaches them to “check in” with you when asked to do so. Pete is obviously very smart and so eager to please! Come adopt this handsome goober.

Update 7/24: Pete is heartworm negative!

Pete is a stray, and the good news is he was wearing a microchip. The bad news is that the phone number from the microchip no longer works. So from the microchip we learned that his name is Pete, but we still don’t know where he lives or who his humans are. Aside from not updating his microchip info, they seem to be great owners because Pete is in pretty good shape, with just a small bit of hair loss on his hind end, maybe due to flea bites. He’s a happy boy who loves to run, but he’ll stop in his tracks and sit for a treat every time. Pete is a very friendly guy, great with people, and he did some cute playbowing with Nelson through the chainlink fence. He also didn’t mind being bear hugged for his video – in fact he enjoyed it, especially when combined with butt scratching. He’s also got a ‘sweet spot’ on his chest – if you find it just right his back leg will start tapping along with your scratching 🙂

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