47373 – Cowboy

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Ledger #47373
1 year
Male – neutered
32 pounds
Heartworm negative
Available as of 7/2
Advocate: Nicki P.
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Update 8/25: Cowboy is now playmates with both Bree and Lindy (though the girls haven’t yet met each other)! They can only play together if a staff member is present, but if things are quiet around the shelter while you are visiting, you can ask if it’s a good time for a play date!

Update 8/3: I felt bad for Cowboy when I was last at the shelter–he hops around doing acrobatics in his kennel & I’m sure it intimidates a lot of visitors & they don’t bring him out. I leashed him up & we did have to work a little with not tugging on the leash, but once I got him in a pen, he was perfectly fine. He ran around chasing balls, drinking from the pool, and licking me in the face. He struck me as a dog that has a pretty normal energy level for a young adult dog & gets tired of being cooped up all day in a high stress environment, so he starts acting a little hyped up in the kennel. I can’t imagine what a great dog he’d be in a home environment, especially if he had someone to go jogging with!

Update 7/17: Cowboy does put on a show when he’s in his kennel jumping as high as the ceiling, but he just wants to come out, and he probably needs to go to the bathroom. Once he’s in an interaction pen (and has taken care of his business!), he can be fun and playful or just as sweet and loving as he can be. I fell in love with Cowboy when I first met him and still feel the same way today. He’s a wonderful buddy and longs for a home where he can play and be loved–not stuck in a kennel 24-7. Lots of people stop at Cowboy’s gate to watch him jump, but take him out and give him a chance, and he’ll show you what a great dog he really is.

Update 7/10: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Cowboy is now neutered and up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

Update 7/9: I call Cowboy Clownboy, because he is a laugh riot! When I was walking by his run today he looked at me, then started jumping up and down so high his head nearly made contact with the ceiling. I’m sure he thought I’d never be able to resist a show-stopping move like that, and he was right! I love spending time in the interaction pen with Clownboy – I throw toys for him to chase and run around with him a bit, and then when he’s worked off a little energy I scoop him up on my lap and get a face full of kisses. He’s real day-brightener!

Update 7/5: Cowboy has had a bath, and he looks fabulous! As handsome as he is, you’d think he wouldn’t mind posing for the camera (especially in his hat and bandana!), but he’s a little camera shy. There’s nothing shy about Cowboy, however, when it comes to being loved on or giving kisses. If you’re looking for a new pal, come meet this sweet, fun boy!

Cowboy really cracked me up. He’s so animated in all that he does whether it’s running to you at full throttle, wiggling as he waits for a treat, or just giving you that big, happy grin of his. He loves being with people and wants to make the most of his time outside in an interaction pen. Cowboy seems to be submissive and his belly is flat on the ground if he thinks he’s displeased you, but as soon as he realizes that everything’s okay he’s happy and wiggling again. I really like this sweet boy. He’s seen some dusty trails and could definitely use a bath to wash away the flea dirt and red clay from his coat. Hopefully, a bath is in his near future. Still, whether dirty or clean, Cowboy’s charm is irresistible, so come have some rip-roaring fun with this happy boy!

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