48132 – June

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1 year
Female -spayed!
48 pounds
Heartworm treated!
Available as of 10/30
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Update 2/13: June is such a wonderful dog–affectionate once she knows you, playful at times, but mostly happy with belly rubs and snuggles. She was originally impounded in June, a recent mother (but without any pups in sight), overbred, heartworm positive. She likes to be the queen bee of the dogs and does well with other dogs who are ok with that. While she always makes me smile, I’m looking forward to the day I go by the shelter and she’s not there because her forever (or foster) family found her.

Update 11/12: June and Kesha have enjoyed playing along the fence together and were thrilled to actually meet within the same interaction pen. They were instant best friends and had the best time! It was heartwarming to watch these two long time residents play and get along so well! (NOTE: While some of the dogs have playmates, shelter rules require that dogs only interact directly if a staff member is present.)

Update 10/30: June was adopted but returned. It seems that she wasn’t a fan of some of the other dogs living in the apartment complex–months of living in a shelter environment has meant she has developed some level of barrier frustration (very common in shelter dogs–for a description of what it is and how to deal with it, see this page). She likes and prefers dogs that are calmer and respect her space. While I was sad that June is back at the pound, I always enjoy being with her. She’s still the affectionate, playful girl that I’ve known for so long. As soon as I let her off leash, she ran for her favorite toy and began playing with it just like old times. After playing with the stuffed ball and rolling around in the grass, June was ready for treats and love. She’s a great dog, and I hope she finds her forever home.

Update 9/12: June is thrilled to be able to play and be with friends again. The first thing she did when she entered the interaction pen, was grab a stuffed ball I’d left out and begin running with it and tossing it in the air. She was such a hoot and having a great time. I’d keep throwing it for her, and she never failed to chase it and continue her antics. Eventually, we took a break and June enjoyed lots of pets and treats. I missed this sweet, fun girl while she had her month of kennel rest and am glad she can come out again. But, it would be even better if June could find her own special person or family and share fun and love with them.

Update 9/10: June has completed her month of kennel rest following her heartworm treatment and is available for adoption as well as rescue!

Update 8/12: June was treated for heartworms (received shots) on 8/10 & 8/11. She will only be available to rescues for the next month while she recovers. Please wish this sweet girl well during her recovery!

Update 8/3: I had a great time playing with June yesterday–she’s really opened up and become a happy girl since coming to the shelter. She LOVES her rope toys but is also happy to share them. She’d love a person of her own to cuddle and romp with–if you’re looking for a fun yet snuggly pup, come meet June!

Update 7/27: June is a very affectionate girl. She really liked my 15 year old son and would lick him every time she got the chance! She wants to play, but it was too hot to do anything other than eat treats, lick, and get petted in the shade. Adopt June today!

Update 7/19: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, June has been spayed and brought up-to-date on her basic vaccinations! She’s now available for adoption as well as rescue!

Update 7/2: Unfortunately, June has tested positive for heartworms. She is only available to rescues until she is spayed.

Mama June is still carrying milk. Hopefully, her puppies are safe, and she can put her puppy days behind her. It’s time for June to enjoy her youth–she’s only a year old herself! She was happy to leave her kennel and have some time for attention and treats. I tossed a ball for her, and she watched it roll and looked at me with an expression that said, “You’ve got to be kidding!” She’s still carrying quite a load of milk, but that will change and June will return to her pre-puppy figure. She’s actually a petite girl. June wasn’t too sure about dogs in the adjoining interaction pen and wasn’t comfortable with those that were boisterous but better with those that were calm. One thing is for sure, June likes being with people and is happy for any love you give her!

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