47266 – Oprah

$275 in total sponsorship funds available to the rescue group that takes Oprah and Meatball together!

1 year
Female – spayed!
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Oprah is spayed and up-to-date on her basic vaccinations!

Update 11/18/17 – Oprah & Meatball had a holiday photoshoot recently with one of our professional photographers, Jessica Boston of Clowder Creek Photography. They couldn’t be cuter in their holiday best, and we’re hoping that’ll help them find a home for the holidays. Could you be the one to give them the home that they deserve?

Update 11/4/17 – Oprah & Meatball are still here at the shelter looking for their forever home, hopefully together. They are such a cute little family, and we’d hate to break them up. We’re hoping that Oprah’s beautiful new pictures will help you realize what a true beauty she is. Her coat is so sleek and shiny that she looks like a beautiful panther. Haven’t you always wanted your own personal mini-panther to cuddle with?

Update 9/25/17 – Oprah and Meatball are super cute together, but we wanted to make sure that they got enough attention individually so they now have their own separate web pages. We’d love to see them adopted together, but as always, the most important thing for any of our cats is to make sure that they find a home of their own. We updated both of their pages with new photos taken from a recent trip to the interaction room. Oprah was pretty nervous initially, but what I loved most about observing her was that 1) she seemed very concerned about Meatball and making sure that he was safe (he was naturally oblivious and just having a blast playing with every toy he could find!) and 2) that even when she was nervous, she showed her trust in me and chose to sit near me for security rather than trying to hide in a corner. I think both of these observations speak volumes about Oprah, and I’m confident that she will be a great family cat if she can just get out of our very crowded shelter.

Update 9/9/17 – Meatball has now been neutered and brought up-to-date on his age-appropriate shots thanks to the Athenspets Spay/Neuter Fund! We didn’t have any spay appointments to spend Oprah for, but we’re glad this little guy is now ready to go home as soon as he’s adopted!

Oprah & Meatball did not come into the shelter together, but they’re quite a pair now. Meatball was only 3 weeks old when he was brought in, far too young to be away from his mom. Kittens that small have to be euthanized if we can’t find a foster parent willing to bottle feed them, so shelter staff were urgently looking for a solution as bottle baby foster parents are always hard to find at the height of kitten season.

But as luck would have it, the day before a lactating mom had come in without kittens. We have no way of knowing what happened to her kittens – it’s possible that they were old enough to be weaned when she came in – but for Meatball, it was his saving grace. Shelter staff introduced Meatball to see if Oprah would accept him, and she quickly adopted him as her own and has cared for him just as if he was biologically hers since day one. They’ve grown to be such a close pair that we think it would be great if they could be adopted together, but as with all of our cats, the most important thing is for them to find homes so that they can get out of our crowded shelter.

To give you a little more insight into their personalities, Oprah is a very elegant and dignified lady. She seems very calm and quiet and happy to do her own thing. She’s obviously quite protective and watchful of Meatball. Not to the extent that she doesn’t let anyone touch him or anything, but when you stop by, you get the sense that she’s checking you out to make sure you won’t harm her little guy – sort of like a father when his baby girl’s date arrives for the prom. Meatball is aptly named as a roly poly kitten whose stomach is almost always the size of a large meatball due to how much he eats. While both are black, her coat is a very shiny glossy black whereas he has more of a gray tone to his coat. We think they’re both beautiful, though, just as they are. Do you think that you could possibly give one or both of them a home? We hope so as they’ve both been here since the middle of June! They’ve just only recently been made available as Meatball has grown enough to reach 2 lbs so that he can be adopted. Stop by and see them soon!

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Athenspets – $150 in total for rescuing Meatball and Oprah together
Brandy – $125 in total for rescuing Meatball and Oprah together