47218, 47219, 47220 – Quinoa, Avocado, Chia

6 months old
Females (#47218, #47219), Male (#47220)
FIV- & FeLV-
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Update 8/30/17: Unfortunately, one of these guys came down with a small case of ringworm. It’s nothing serious, but it does take a while to complete treatment. So these four are all back in quarantine since all have been exposed to it if one of them has a visible case of it. They will hopefully be available for adoption again in about a month or so. We’ll let you know as soon as that happens, and in the meantime, if you want to meet one of them, just let staff know, and they’ll introduce you to them.

Update 7/27/17: Avocado & Cronut have now joined their siblings out front, although they’re still too small to be adopted. When you stop by to visit this fun litter, it’s super obvious who’s who based on their size! Their mother Sriracha is also out front but in a different kennel if you’d like to stop by and say hi to her as well.

Quinoa & Chia are part of our superfood litter. They are already available for adoption because they have grown substantially faster than their siblings who are still in the back with mom. As soon as those guys are two pounds, they’ll also be made available for adoption, but since Quinoa & Chia are already large enough to be altered and adopted, we didn’t think it was fair to delay their chances of finding a furever home. If you’ve looked at their pictures, you may certainly have trouble telling who is who. They do have collars on that have their ledger number and gender, but a quick tip is that Chia (who is also the most outgoing) has less white on his face, while Quinoa has completely white upper cheeks around her cute black nose. These two are super cute and love to play with each other, but their personalities are a little different. Chia is definitely a lover and enjoys getting attention from visitors more than anything else. Quinoa is a little more shy, but she still is curious about visitors and will certainly get more comfortable now that they’re out front full-time. They can get a little insulated in the back where they only meet staff members, so the more people they both meet, the more comfortable they’ll get.