47214 – Nicki

Why choose me?

Update 8/7/17: Nicki had a blast a few days ago getting to spend time out in the interaction room. A visitor to the shelter had actually made a mistake and put her into the interaction room with Einstein. We don’t allow cats to mix with others in different kennels because there’s too much risk of disease transfer, but since someone had already made the mistake, I’m at least happy to report that Nicki definitely plays well with others and was having the time of her life with Einstein.

Update 7/21/17: Check out our Facebook page for a video of Nicki playing with one of our volunteers. She’s so much fun!

Meet Nicki – destroyer of feather play toys, scourge of insects, and terror to all things that squirm under her pink blanket (including fingers of humans foolish enough to taunt her…). Nicki is feisty, ferocious, and fearless, and if I didn’t already have too many animals, I would have adopted her before she ever made it to our website! 😉 This little lady is SO much fun. She loves to play and can turn just about anything into a game. She’s been cooped up at the shelter in a kennel by herself since she first arrived back at the beginning of June as a tiny kitten. Clearly, she was always a fighter as she worked hard to survive on her own and put on weight until she’s now big enough to be adopted.

We know that she really needs more space to be out and play than what she is currently able to get at the shelter, so she’s always looking to play when visitors stop by. She’ll playfully bat at your fingers and then run to hide behind her food bowl or in a corner where “You can’t see me!” and then she’ll wait for her perfect moment to pounce for her next attack. It’s nearly impossible to get a photo of her sitting still, but we hope you’ll get a sense of her playful nature from the pictures we were able to get. Rest assured that she’s not fearful at all in these pics, she’s just focusing on planning her next move! We promise to get some video of her up soon as we know you’ll fall in love with her just like we have. Definitely, take this fun girl into the interaction room on your next visit to the shelter. If you’re looking for a playful kitten to add to your family, you won’t find a better one!