47092 – Zayla

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Ledger #47092
2 years
Female – spayed
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 5/20/17
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Update 11/15/17: We are devastated to report that Zayla had to be humanely euthanized today. We are still not sure what happened, but this morning shelter staff observed Zayla having exaggerated abdominal breathing with no apparent cause. Staff monitored her while we explored treatment options and got a consult from a local vet. But by noon, whatever was causing her labored breathing had advanced to the point where she was struggling to breathe at all, and shelter staff acted to end her suffering, which was truly the only humane option left to them given the rapid progression of her symptoms. We don’t know what would have caused such a sudden and serious problem, but the most likely causes were all very serious and difficult if not impossible to treat (FIP, tumors along her throat/nasal passages, etc.). We are hoping to have a necropsy performed so that we can try to figure out what happened, and we’ll do our best to update you if we learn anything more.
We never want to lose a cat that we’ve all come to know and love so well. She had been with us since May. So if you know any of our shelter workers or volunteers that worked closely with her, please give them a hug. It’s been a tough week. 🙁

Update 11/5/17 – Can you believe that Zayla has been with us since May!?! We know life in the shelter has been a bit tough for her – it’s a pretty scary place for kitties that prefer to be in quieter homes. But we know that the right home is out there for Zayla – a quiet home, preferaby with no other pets or possibly other calm quiet pets like her. She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body, but she’s scared enough at the shelter that if you take her in the interaction room in her bed, she prefers to just bury her head into her bed while you pet her. Could you be the special adopter that finally gives Zayla the home that she so desperately needs?

Update 8/1/17: Sweet Zayla is still looking for her furever home. People often overlook her because she LOVES to sleep in her tunnel bed, but as you can see from her brand new video, she is always quick to come out and meet you if you open her kennel door and start talking to her. Come out and meet this sweet lady, as she is URGENT in our very crowded shelter! Click here to watch it now!

Update 6/21/17: Zayla is still a little shy, but boy has she started to come out of her shell. She’s now happy to come up and meet visitors, and while she still loves the security of her tunnel bed, you can tell she’s much more relaxed. Her bed is now more of a security blanket or comfort item rather than a sanctuary. Check out her new pictures to get an idea of her fun and friendly personality!

Update 5/28/17: Zayla’s now spayed thanks to the Athenspets’ Spay/Neuter Fund! She’s still a bit shy, but we’re confident that she’ll find the right home, and now she can go home as soon as her adoption is finalized. Come meet her today!

Zayla is obviously a sweet cat, but she is super scared at the shelter. She was surrendered at the shelter and has had a hard adjusting to all of the noise and strange smells, so she spends a lot of time hiding under her bed right now. But if you pick up her bed, you can tell that she’s a beautiful little girl who just needs someone with the patience to get to know her and give her the time to do the same. Lilo was just like this when she first came in, and now after she’s had a month or so to acclimate, she’s now doing very well at the shelter. We’re sure the same will happen for Zayla; she just needs some more time to adjust. Please stop by and get to know her on your next visit to the shelter.

The person who surrendered her indicated that she has been great with people, children, dogs and male cats, but that she is not good with other female cats. They also indicated that she is often fearful of strange noises and lots of activity. She was surrendered because she was becoming more and more withdrawn in their active family and obviously wasn’t happy, so it sounds like she’d do best in a calm home where she’ll have a good routine and a little less excitement. Can you give this pretty girl a chance in your home?

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