47082 – Diego

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Ledger #47082
3 years
Male – neutered
57 pounds
Heartworm negative
Available as of 5/30
Advocate: Jessie N.
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Update 8/30: Diego has always been a playful, happy boy who likes to have fun, but he’s also learning some new skills like sit and lie down thanks to his advocates. He’s very good at it, too, and I imagine he could learn other skills as well. This is great because not only does it show how smart he is, it also helps him “reset” if he gets a little too excited while he’s playing. Diego is a sweet, handsome dog who loves to play but also wants to please.

Update 7/26: Diego is a happy guy–nothing seems to get him down! He had some complications from his neuter (developed a hematoma) so he was hidden away for a while as he recovered, but now this handsome boy is back and ready to play! He and Diamond have become playmates, and it’s fun to watch them romp together–they’re both such big, beautiful pups!

Update 6/20: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Diego has been neutered and brought up-to-date on his basic vaccinations.

Update 6/7: Diego has tested NEGATIVE for heartworms!

Diego is a happy boy who loves to run and play. He was thrilled when I stopped at his kennel to take him to an interaction pen. As soon as I took the leash off of him, he was running and having a blast. When Peanut entered the adjoining pen, Diego tried to get him to run with him along the fence. Both boys were friendly and wagged their tails, but running isn’t Peanut’s game, so he trotted off to be with his volunteer, and I got Diego interested in chasing toys. He brought a rope toy back to me a few times, but usually he’d chase the toy, pick it up, and then drop it instead of bringing it back. That’s okay because we still had fun. When it was time for Diego to return to his kennel, I picked up the leash and said, “Let’s go!” To my surprise, Diego met me at the gate and waited to be leashed. Come play with Diego–he’s a fun, friendly dog who likes to play!

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