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Update 10/20/17 – Lily is no longer our Cat of the Week, but we’re so excited to see that she’s retained the progress that she made while she was in the interaction room. It seems like Lily just needed some time to get out and stretch her legs. She continues to be friendly and outgoing even now that she’s back in her kennel, so be sure to stop by and see her!

Update 10/3/17 – We’re proud to announce that Lily is our newest Cat of the Week! She is LOVING her stay in the interaction room already. If you’ve been following our updates about Lily, you’ll know that she’s sometimes been a bit grumpy in her kennel, but now that she’s got some room to stretch her legs and a sunny window to sleep in front of, Lily has been like a totally different cat. We always suspected that she’d be so much different in a home where she had more space to just be a cat, and Lily’s stint in the interaction room is showing us right away how wonderful she could be in a home of her own.

Best of all, as our Cat of the Week it’s only $25 to adopt her from now until Sunday, October 8th. So be sure to stop by and see her ASAP!

Update 9/28/17 from Lily’s Athenspets Advocate: ~*LILY IS URGENT*~
I went to visit Lily over the weekend — I can’t believe how much progress she’s made at the shelter. It’s so sad to think that even with all the bustling noisiness of the shelter, this is possibly the calmest time in her life. She came from a home where young children were poking at her and chasing her all the time and it’s left her with some unusual interaction habits, like hissing while begging to be petted more.
Once you get to know Lily, you see that she’s a very sweet cat who absolutely loves affection. She’s not a cat that will do well in just any home, but I do think that she would reward the right home with a lot of purrs and head butting once she settled in and was feeling more comfortable. She just needs someone to give her a chance!

Update 9/13/17: Lily is one beautiful kitty, but she is also URGENT. Our shelter continues to stay at or near capacity, and it’s imperative that Lily find a home ASAP. Lily’s ideal home is a quieter home with no other pets or maybe one or two other calm animals who are content to let her do her own thing. Lily can be independent and content just napping in the sun, but she also genuinely wants attention. While she can sometimes hiss (even when it’s obvious that she is enjoying being rubbed on), volunteers and staff who have taken the time to get to know her have fallen in love with her. Lily isn’t a plug and play cat who will do well in any home, but we know the *right* home for her is out there. Please, please, please help us find her forever home before it’s too late!

Inevitably, if an animal has to be euthanized for space we have people posting that surely someone could have stepped forward to adopt/foster/sponsor that animal. Well, we’re giving you plenty of advance notice. If you want to help make sure that Lily has a good outcome, now is the time to act!

You can learn more about her here: http://athenspets.net/Adoptables/47024-lily/

Please share her webpage with all of your friends and family, and ask them to share it with theirs.

Update 7/20/17: Lily’s advocate sent us some great new photos as well as this latest update: “I recently visited Lily (ledger #47024) again and was surprised that she had started to make some progress, slowly but surely! She is a beautiful older lady with a difficult past–the children in her last home were much too rowdy for her and her ten years of anxiety in that high-stress situation left her a bit odd to interact with. She has a tendency to growl and hiss the entire time you’re playing with her, even while she is rubbing on you or sniffing you, and the mixed signals can be very hard to read and a little intimidating, as she is a larger cat.

I meant to bring her a toy since she enjoyed the little mouse toy so much last week, but forgot to bring one. I told her that as soon as I toted her into the interaction room, and she immediately hissed like she understood. I set my phone down on the floor and turned around to put my camera on my neck. I turned back around and she had grabbed my phone from the floor & was batting & wrestling with it while growling & rolling over & over! It was great to see her have such a good time, especially because I don’t think she gets out of her kennel very much at the shelter.

She did much better about coming up to me this week and while she was still quite talkative, she hissed and batted at me much, much less & repeatedly came back to my hands for more head scratches. If you are interested in taking her out, please see a shelter staff member for assistance, but she’s happy to interact with anyone through the bars of her kennel–she loves being petted while she’s inside there, I think it makes her feel a little less stressed to have that extra layer of protection between her and a stranger.”

Update 7/11/17: Lily is a very special kitty. She is ten years old and found herself surrendered to the shelter after living in the same home from the time she was a kitten. The shelter staff and volunteers do all they can to make animals’ (hopefully brief) stays at animal control as pleasant as possible, but as you can probably imagine, going from a family home to a kennel surrounded by other animals and confusing sounds and dozens of different people interacting with you constantly can be a bit confusing and stressful. Lily’s previous home was filled with rambunctious children who were maybe a bit too rough for her—like many older cats, she doesn’t like a lot of movement and activity around her and would prefer something a little more quiet.

All of these factors have contributed to Lily having a bit of a sassy attitude while at the shelter. She’s very talkative and will yowl at you almost constantly. Her body language can be a little tough to read—she will regularly rub all over you to be petted, simultaneously hissing and purring. She is a big cat, so it can all be a little intimidating, but if you are patient with her and sit quietly and confidently, she can be quite affectionate. I took her out into the playroom after checking with staff to make sure it was okay (she has a note on her kennel stating to request assistance if taking her out) and we stayed out for about thirty minutes. I think it was probably one of the first times she had been out since coming to the shelter a month ago, and she seemed to really enjoy herself. She had a blast playing with a ball and toy mouse, and I’m going to bring her a wand toy next week. Her favorite activity was sitting under the chair meowing when I talked to her.

I think Lily would do really well in the right home. She needs someone who is patient and willing to work with her to show her that not all people are going to be too rough with her and a good owner who can respect her boundaries and space.

6/6/17: This lovely lady had a place to live previously, where young children terrorized her. Right after that, she came to the shelter and resided in an area where kittens were mewing at all hours of the day and night. Isn’t it time for Lily to get a break from all this craziness and clamor? At 10 years of age (and in great health) Lily just wants a calm, relaxing place where she can bask in her golden years… much like retirement from a stressful full-time job, right?

Lily really enjoys one-on-one time with calm humans, and responds very well after you gain her trust. It only takes a few minutes. She’s neither shy nor aggressive, but tends to voice her unhappiness with the fast-paced shelter environment. Lily has never been aggressive (no claws nor bites), so it’s clear that all she needs now is a place to live that is free from extensive noise and stressors. She will do excellent in a single-pet home, and is certain to show you love once she feels relaxed.

What a beautiful lady, with her brilliant blue eyes, and bright coat of pure white. Lily is such a gem who deserves a relaxing “furever” home. If you’ve got some patience and a calm place for her, Lily will be eternally grateful to you!

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