46975, 46976, 46977, 46978 – Sage, Parsley, Basil, Oregano

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Ledger #46975, #46976, #46977, #46978
6-8 weeks
Male (#46976) Female (#46975, #46977, #46978)
FIV- & FeLV-

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Update 7/28/17: Only two of these kitties are left (Sage & Basil), and they’ve basically grown up in the shelter. We took some updated photos of them because they’ve grown up so much since their originals were taken. Now they’re sleek, long-legged, but still very playful ladies who look a lot more like the beautiful adults they will one day be. Come down to the shelter tomorrow and get to know them!

Update 6/27/17: I know that our black/white kittens often have a hard time getting out of the shelter, but it amazes me that these kittens are still here! They are so outgoing. They’ll try to climb their kennel door to be close to you, and they are just as playful and friendly as they could be! Sometimes we worry that kittens in litters are overlooked because people feel guilty if they can’t take all of the siblings. It can seem easier to just take a singleton kitten, but if everyone does that than our multiple-kitten litters just keep getting passed over. While we certainly advise that getting two kittens is better than one if you don’t have any other pets (having a playmate as a kitten is great!), the absolute MOST important thing is that they find a home as soon as possible. So stop by and check out these kittens or come meet them again if you’ve been in before but didn’t really consider them. Any one of them would be fantastic in virtually any home so please give them a chance to join your family!

Update 6/13/17: Parsley (our lone male) was adopted today! Now if the ladies of the herb litter of kittens can find their forever homes we’ll be in good shape!

These spunky kittens have been entertaining ACC staff and volunteers behind the scenes for the past couple of weeks as they put on weight until they’re now (finally!) over two pounds and available for adoption. They each have their own personalities, but all are a joy to be around. Two of the black and white kittens are the most bold, with the third black and white kitten not very far behind. The brown tabby is the most calm, but they’re all a lot of fun. Come meet them and let them delight you with their antics; you can’t help but have a smile on your face with these little ones around!

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