46890, 46891, 46892 – Macaroon, Eclair, Cream Puff

Born approx. 2/8
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 4/29/17
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Update 10/2/17: Petit Four was adopted today, but her three brothers are still looking for their furever homes. Come get to know them (they all have great personalities!) and maybe take one or two home with you! The boys are all neutered thanks to the Athenspets Spay/Neuter Fund so they’re ready to go home as soon as their forever families find them!

Update 9/25/17: Unfortunately, all five of our Cats of the Week (Dre, Ice Cube, Macaroon, Cream Puff, & Eclair) are STILL here. But the good news is that they’ve been given another week as our Cats of the Week, and even better, you can now adopt them at 2 for $25!

So you can take home two of these great guys for only $25 including their neuters and basic shots! These five kittens are so much fun, so stop by this week before someone else snaps them up. They’re all having a blast in our interaction room, so you can stop in and play with all of them at once until you figure out which one(s) would be best for your family!

Note: This does include Ms. Petit Four as well, she just can’t be in the interaction room with her brothers because none of them have been altered yet. But you can still adopt her and one of our other Cats of the Week for only $25.

Update 9/5/17: Our Dessert litter (Macaroon, Eclair, Cream Puff, Petit Four) is growing up fast right before our eyes, and all four of them have been at the shelter since they were quite small. Despite that, they retain their optimistic outlook on life and their fun personalities. All four are eager to meet visitors and LOVE to play, as you can see below. We know it’s hard for black and mostly-black cats to get out of the shelter, and we know that a lot of visitors won’t think it’s worth the trouble to get these kittens out of their kennel (even if you want to play with one, all of them are coming out!). But we are also positive that the right families are out there for these playful kitties, and we hope you’ll share their information far and wide in the hopes of finding those PURRfect families for them.
Please know that shelter staff and volunteers will be utterly thrilled even if you’re only able to adopt one of them. So many people think that you shouldn’t separate siblings, but how many families are willing and able to take on four teenage kittens at once? Sure, it would be great if someone was able to take all four, but it’s not realistic and the most important thing is that they all find homes ASAP as they are some of our longest residents and have had NO interest despite being *really* great cats.
Sometimes shelter kitties can be temperamental or aren’t as affectionate towards people as we’d like them to be, but that’s *not* the case with these four. Nothing about them (except perhaps their color) is keeping them from being adopted, so if you haven’t stopped by to get to know them, please do so on your next trip to the shelter.

Update 7/11/17: Macaroon & Petit Four just reached a weight of two pounds, and have now joined their siblings in the kitten room out front! Eclair & Cream Puff were so happy to see them, and we’d bet that you’ll enjoy meeting all 4 of them. Come meet the “Bakery” kittens as soon as possible!

These babies came to the shelters as strays at a very young age. They are both very interested in toys and their surroundings. The other day, they discovered a jingle ball! You can’t imagine how much fun they had with the new toy. Éclair has a vertical white strip on his nose, while Cream Puff has a cute white patch over his nose and mouth. These brothers are wonderful kittens, who really enjoy the company of one another, so we hope you consider adopting them together (though it’s also fine if you adopt just 1). After all, 2 kittens are better than 1, because they will always have a playmate to keep themselves busy!