46875 – Dre

$50 for each kitty in sponsorship funds available to rescue group!

Ledger #46875
Born approx. 3/1
Male – Neutered!
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Update 10/5/17 – We are excited to report that one of our longest feline residents (Ice Cube) was adopted yesterday! But unfortunately, Dre is still here. Poor Dre was actually pretty distraught to be in his kennel by himself for the first time, and we can hardly blame him. He’s spent virtually his entire life in the shelter and he’d been with Ice Cube for the entirety of it. But the good news is that shelter staff moved one of the dessert kittens in to stay with him, and now he’s doing very well.
As a result, Dre should definitely be adopted into a home with other cats or should be adopted with a buddy. While there are plenty of cats who love the solitary life, Dre is not one of them! Why don’t you come by and meet him?

Update 9/28/17 – Ice Cube & Dre are now neutered and up-to-date on their shots and ready to go home with you thanks to the Athenspets Spay/Neuter Fund! They two of our Cats of the Week right now, so they’re eligible to be adopted together for only $25 or along with the other Cats of the Week (our dessert litter). Apply today to take these playful boys home with you!

9/24/17 Update: Dre & Ice Cube are two of our cats of the week, along with Macaroon, Eclair & Cream Puff. You can now adopt any of these five at a reduced fee of only $25 for two, including their neuter and basic vaccinations.

Many thanks to Anne Yarbrough Photography​ for these great new pictures of Dre & Ice Cube!

7/12/17 Update: Yella has been adopted but Ice Cube and Dre are still looking for homes of their own. They’re very friendly kittens, so please give them a chance to join your family!

These sweet kittens have been with us since the day they were born. They came in with their mother Lauryn who’s just as friendly and easy-going as they are and who also is up for adoption. Yella, the brown tabby, is actually still a little too small to be adopted, but he’s out front since it would be a shame to keep him separate from his siblings while he works on catching up to them in weight. Ironically, the smallest kitten is the one who is most outgoing! Yella is the first to greet any visitors, while his larger siblings hang back initially.

They’re all friendly and playful kittens, but Ice Cube & Dre are more shy initially. But with just a little bit of patience and some toys or treats, you’ll see how great these kittens are. Kitten season is in full swing, so if you can take one or more of these kittens into your home, it will make a huge difference for them as well as the new kittens that keep coming in almost daily. Please consider adopting one or more of these playful boys today!

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